You-SLS Rendering


Welcome to the website for the You-SLS 3D printer!

You-SLS will be the first 3D printer using the SLS process to create parts from powder that can be built for a groundbreaking low price by you! It is also the first Open-Source Laser sintering printer that includes all the features a commercial machine priced at more than 100k has.

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The process of Selective Laser Sintering allows for complex geometries to be printed consistently without adding and removing support material, as is the case with all current consumer grade printers!

You-SLS is designed in such a way that everybody can make it at home, all parts are either laser cut or 3D printed, for which commercial services exist. Alternatively you can also manufacture You-SLS in any makerspace. To keep everything simple all the parts that need to be bought are broadly available and not bound to a certain manufacturer making them available all over the world. There are also no custom circuit boards on the machine!

Your support is vital for this project! Thanks to everybody who has contributed so far via my Indiegogo Campaign, the files┬ácan be found via header marked “EarlyAccess”.


You are interested? Good! Check out this website for more information on the printer!

Open Source Laser Sintering